Courtney Fulton

Courtney Fulton

Courtney is very involved in the triathlon community in the DC area. She served on the DC Tri Club Board of Directors for two years and continues to be active in the club. After a successful running career including multiple marathons, she began competing in triathlon and found her passion in the Ironman distance. This year Courtney is taking a break from Ironman training and will focus more on the half and shorter distances. She is thrilled to be a part of the DC Tri Snapple Team and looks forward to training and racing with this great group of athletes.

  • Date of Birth/Location: May 16, 1978, Marshalltown, IA
  • Years Racing: 8 years
  • Strengths on the course: Run but biking is catching up
  • Goals for 2014: Get faster at the half and under distances.
  • Nickname: Court
  • Currently on iPod: Yes, I admit, I'm addicted to my iPod when I'm training on my own. I had way too many long runs and century rides last year during my IM training to go without it. I'm a pop freak!
  • Little known fact about me: I was on a jump rope team when I was younger and travelled to Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and Hawaii with the team.
  • Favorite Races: Boston Marathon – I've raced there three times, but my all time favorite was when my dad and I ran it together! We are going back to run together in 2015! Ironman Mont Tremblant is my favorite Ironman course – you can see in the lake water (makes drafting easier!), rolling hills on the bike and a two looped run course with half of it on crushed, soft gravel. I absolutely loved it!
  • Favorite Result: Poconos 70.3, 2012 – Everything just clicked that day and I felt good the entire race! This was my first 70.3 AG win.
  • Favorite thing when not swimming, biking, or running: Spending time with my boyfriend Ron, playing with our cute puppy, Oreo, hanging out with good friends and family; singing, eating, researching nutrition and traveling
  • Blog:

DC Rock n Roll Marathon

Why did I sign up for a spring marathon you may ask? Well, my dad qualified for Boston at the Des Moines marathon last fall and this was all the motivation I needed to train through the winter and try to get a qualifying time.


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Ironman Mont Tremblant Race Report

Better late than never! Ironman Mont Tremblant Race Report!

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Pocono 70.3

Pocono Mountains 70.3 is a beautiful, fun and challenging race!


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HyVee Triathlon

HyVee Triathlon
It has been almost a month already since I did this race and my last big race is this weekend so wanted to be sure I blog before Poconos. HyVee triathlon is one of the most organized races I have ever done!

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Some HOT racing...Buffalo Springs 70.3 and General Smallwood

Looking at some of my choices for races over the years, I've come to realize that I really need to pick races that will be in cooler areas!


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Racing in the City Where Triathlon was Born

My first triathlon of the season was in San Diego! What a beautiful
place to race! Plus, this was where the pros raced for the remaining 2012 Olympic Team slots!  It’s always a treat to get to see the top dogs of triathlon race.

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