brooke kessler

Brooke began her athletic career growing up as a gymnast and a swimmer. She ran track her junior and senior years in high school - however, her passion was still in the water. She went on to become a Division 1 All Academic swimmer for George Mason University and carries that into her triathlon racing today. 

Date of Birth/Location:   A Gemini, born and raised on a farm in the "Northern Neck' of VA. 
Years Racing:  4 seasons racing total, 3 season racing before giving birth to my daughter and 1 season after
Strengths on the course:  As a "swammer", you'd think that my swim is strongest, but my bike seems to rival it! 
Goals for 2018:  To spread the short course triathlon love...you don't have to do an Ironman to be a triathlete! Maybe I can win a few races along the way? 
Nickname: There is no sweeter sound than a muffled "Mom ma" being forced through Puffs and random teeth. However, my mom still calls me "Piglet" all the time...including at races when she and my husband find me eating pizza afterwards. In fact, I once missed the awards ceremony (that I somehow convinced my husband to stay for) because I was buys eating pizza...how appropriate? 
Height: Let's just say I'm normally the shortest person at the party. 
Family Status:  Married to my amazingly supportive and hardworking husband Drew, our 18-month old Aria, and our 4-legged fur crew
Favorite Race Moment:  Hugging my husband right after learning I was the first American woman in my age group across the finish line at Worlds in Chicago!  
Favorite Pre-Race Meal: A large jar of jazzed-up overnight oats and a strong cold brew...then, I'll have a banana or orange while heading to the swim start. 
Favorite Post-Race Food: My body craves salty carbs post-race so whatever I can get my hands on that fits the bill! If my family can share it with me, that's a WIN-WIN! 
Favorite thing when not swimming, biking, or running:  I never have enough time with my daughter, so I'm constantly trying to make time. I do also like sleeping, which I don't seem to get enough of either. I do love a good glass of wine, too! 
Favorite Workout: Long, easy runs...I can let my mind wander, take in my surroundings (Harper's Ferry has some stunning ones) and tune into how my body feels. 
Favorite Quote:  "Put good in, get good out." 
Favorite Food: My husbands makes amazing grilled salmon!