Lori Sherlock is an associate professor at West Virginia University in the field of Exercise Physiology.  She is a dedicated triathlete that specializes in Iron-distance events but enjoys participating in triathlons of all distances.  Lori is highly involved with both her community and university with efforts to promote inclusion of physical activity across the lifespan.

DOB: October 6th
Hometown: Morgantown, WV (no, I don’t burn couches for fun)
Years Racing: 14
Strengths on the Course:  My smile is my weapon.
Goals for 2018:  Get stronger in the gym, more flexible in the yoga studio, and faster on the course! This winter, I want to spend some time reestablishing my strength for both injury prevention and performance. Flexibility also takes a back-seat in the heat of tri-season...now it's time to get that back - probably just in time to watch it slip away again during the craziness of heavy tri-training! Both of these winter-based goals will hopefully lead me to a faster outcome for the 2018 race season!  
Height:  5’2” (Rinny and I are exactly the same height…that gives me hope)
Family Status:  Happily Married to the love of my life who just so happens to be a triathlete – we started on this road together.
Favorite Races:  Ironman World Championships (it’s a hard one to beat) but a close second is IM Lake Placid…what a BEAUTIFUL venue!
Favorite Race Moment:  During one of my races, I heard some feet stomping towards me, so I looked back to see a guy reeling me in. I turned my head forward again and heard him pant out the words, "Are you smiling?" I replied, "This is what I do for fun." 
Favorite Pre-Race Meal:  NYC Bagel slathered with PB & J
Favorite Post Race Meal:  When the hunger returns, I want BBQ & salty, deliciousness like Dorito’s…right after the race (if it’s a long one) I am lucky to get a recovery shake down the hatch.
Favorite thing when not triathaloning:  Cooking, teaching, and spending time with my family
Favorite Swim Set: 1000 Loco (25 fast/25 easy/50 fast/50 easy/75 fast/75 easy/100 fast/100 easy/100 fast/100 easy/76 fast/75 easy/50 fast/50 easy/25 fast/25 easy)
The latest thing I have checked off of my ‘bucket list’:  Swimming with wild dolphins
Family Fact:  My parents, grandparents, great aunt and brother all live within a block of my house…you could say we are close-knit.
Blog: www.facebook.com/LoriSherlock-Triathlete