marty stiegmann

Marty has been very active his entire life and loves sports of any kind. He must have been a Lab in a previous life, because he loves to run, has an attention span of a gnat, and spends the rest of his time napping! He has two speeds; full gas or asleep on the couch! 

Marty loves team, as well as individual, sports and was immediately hookin when he did his first triathlon. He has done over 500 races since and has competed in 22 World Championships across the globe. Marty has racked up numerous AG wins every year, earned 4 National AG Titles, many years of All-American honor, and own a Gold Medal at the Duathlon World Championships in Gijon, Spain. Marty has met some amazing people over the years and started his tri career in the days where there were no aero bars, cleats, or even Gu! It's been an awesome journey and he is still very passionate about the sport, mentoring others and continually seeking to improve in all disciplines and, of course, upgrade his equipment whenever he can get away with it! 

For 2018, Marty will finally mark off another epic race on his bucket list and will spend the majority of his year focusing on preparation for Zofigen, which is the Duathlon Long Course World Championships in Zofigen, Switzerland. 

Date of Birth/Location: November 25th / Fontana, California
Current Residence: Richmond, VA
Years Racing: A fun 32 years of racing and still going strong
Strengths on the course: As soon as I hit land, love to hammer the bike and run
Goals for 2018: I am gonna spend a lot of time running and riding up and down steep hills in preparation for Zofigen (Duathlon Long Course World Championships; Zofigen, Switzerland). Looking forward to a flat, fast course at Eagleman 70.3 as well! 
Nickname: Stieg
Height: 6 foot on my driver’s license, but know I’m shrinking
Family Status: Married 27 years to my wife Chris, 2 sons; Karl 24 - just graduated from VT and has a Job!, Matt 22 at VCU
Favorite Races: Ironman FL and Chattanooga, Richmond Xterra, 2011 Du Worlds Spain, Hawaii Ironman
Favorite Race Moment: Crossing the finish line at Kona with my sons  
Favorite Post-Race Food:  Chocolate milkshake, turkey sub, chips and cold beer
Favorite thing when not swimming, biking, or running: Playing soccer, napping, playing trombone, drinking wheat beer and watching football
Favorite Food: Chicken, pasta, bacon, oatmeal raisin cookies and bacon and bacon!! 
Favorite Countries Visited:  Switzerland, Scotland, Germany and Tasmania
License Pate: H82SWIM