Bart founded the Snapple Tri Team and is excited to see the program take off.  From 2010 to 2016, Bart competed in sprint- to Ironman-distance events, and qualified for Kona twice. Now, as a brand new father, Bart is focusing on running and juggling in a few rides from time to time. 

Date of Birth/Location: December 3 -- Niantic CT
Years Racing: 15+
Strengths on the course:  positive attitude
Goals for 2015: Run:  10K/10m PRs, Bike:  Cat 2; Swim:  Don't drown; Tri:  KQ
Nickname: Flame Dart
Family Status:  
Height: 5'11"
Little known fact about me: I can ride a unicycle but not for a full IM or in aerobars
Favorite Races: IM Canada
Favorite Result: KQ at IMC
Favorite thing when not swimming, biking, or running:  red red wine
Favorite Food: pizza
Any other cool bits of info/something funny, etc!:  no