Date of Birth/Location:   November 13th. Born in Toms River, NJ & grew up in Sandy Hook, CT
Years Racing:  I’ve been doing sports most of my life; 5th season doing triathlons
Strengths on the course:  Preferably something not related to bike dismounts
Goals for 2017:  Have fun, Be a fantastic dad to my two boys, and pick up more trash (details upon request)
Nickname:  In high school it was “Burnsie”
Height: 5’7” (According to Snapple’s “Real Facts,” the same height as Napoleon Bonaparte)
Family Status:  Married to an amazing wife, Alice, with sons Gavin (20 months) and Grady (2 months)
Favorite Race Moment:  Winning the Columbia Triathlon 3 weeks after my son was born; Meeting my closest triathlon friend (who now lives in Australia) at the Luray Triathlon in 2013
Favorite Post-Race Food:  Sugar babies (it's a post race ritual)
Favorite thing when not swimming, biking, or running:  Taking walks and playing with my wife and son; Commuting to work on my single-speed (oops, that’s biking)
Favorite Food:  Cereal, Ice cream, Cereal on Ice cream
Blog: TriTodd.com